About the Blogger


Hello! My name is Jessica Scheve and I’m currently pursuing a master’s degree in Public Relations at Kent State University. In 2008 I received my B.A. in Speech Communication with an emphasis in public relations from Ashland University. It was also at AU that I interned at the Office of Public Relations.

Jessica dressed as "Rosie the Riveter"

We Can Do it!

I have multiple, varied interests including, but not limited to, theatre, cooking, wine, reggae music, (especially good old Bob Marley) and most recently, entrepreneurship.

While some day I’d love to own my own business, right now my professional interests include promoting the arts and/or non-profit and health care public relations.

In May 2012 I receive my M.A. In the meantime I hope to use my time in grad school to transition from student to professional.



  1. Hey, Jessie! Your about me video is amazing! Loved the way you transformed from a PR student to a PR professional! So creative! And your banner picture is so cute!

  2. cute pic Jessica!!

    • hey thanks! i love your bio! wanna write mine? j/k lol

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